We make good smells so you can have a great time.

WE ARE queer women-owned | self-funded | slow-made in Brooklyn, NY *

Luxury doesn’t have to be stuffy and serious...

in fact, we prefer the opposite.

At THE NEW SAVANT, we make luxury fragrances infused with lots of imagination and personality.

Think of us as your friendly internet neighbors who also happen to make things that smell *REALLY* good!

Meet the First Drop of our Core Collection *
Meet the First Drop of our Core Collection *

Ready to take a look around?

Here are some good places to start:

Meet the Founders

Ingrid and Erica founded TNS in December 2020. They’ve spent their entire careers on the Internet and are making this next chapter all about creating analog joy through the often neglected sense of smell.

Ingrid Picks Your Scent

Answer one question and see which scent our co-founder, Ingrid, thinks is right for you.

Scent 101

Learn the basics of fragrance lingo and surprise your friends by sounding like a pro.

(*Erica totally uses these tips*)