In the Press

  • The Zoe Report

    "To say that these perfumed portraits of home resonate with customers is an understatement."

  • Perfume Room Podcast

    "TODAY WE DISCUSS: scent memories, their respective prior careers, the influencer economy, being exes in biz together, sourcing inspiration, and going from loving candles to learning them!"

  • Eater

    "The New Savant’s Ingrid Nilsen has built her brand on food memories and self-taught perfumery skills. Here’s how she did it."

  • Littie Awards '23

    "The winner of Best Interesting Candle Scent" for 2023 is @thenewsavant- Mixed Feelings. A women-led brand that is changing the game with the most gorgeous and interesting scents."

  • The Strategist

    "After retiring from YouTube, Ingrid Nilsen got to work creating her new candle line The New Savant, which recently launched a (now sold-out) holiday scent called California Christmas."

  • New York Times

    "The New Savant’s latest candle is “Sapphics in the City.” It comes in a silver jar wrapped in a soft pink label that explains the candle’s inspirations."

  • So, We All Want to Smell Like Weed Now?

    The New Savant’s “The Dropout”candle balances hemp leaves with rhubarb,vanilla, leather, and golden saffron and is designed to honor co-founder Ingrid Nilsen’s distaste for school yet insatiable hunger for learning.

  • PIX 11

    "These are very unique smells and they make a fabulous gift. They are also hand-poured, which creates a quality and consistency in the burn."

  • Scent World Podcast

    "From a tea shop in Paris to a ping pong table in Indiana, they take us back how they started making candles. They talk about capturing uncommon notes and tell the story of the high school fantasy that inspired one of their most popular candles."

  • WNBA's New York Liberty

    "The New York Liberty will launch an exclusive, first-of-its-kind “Carry the Torch” candle by The New Savant. It will be available at Barclays Center while supplies last."

  • Business Insider

    "Nilsen quit YouTube in June 2020, and hasn't looked back. "It was the right decision for me," she said. "Inherently, I am someone who doesn't love being the center of attention or being on camera ... Now, fragrance is my creative outlet.""

  • The Spruce

    "The New Savant is a candle company worthy of stock-piling. Each candle is handmade in Brooklyn and uses high-quality and vegan-friendly ingredients to produce candles with full-bodied and well-rounded scent profiles."

  • Glossy

    "Fragrance, in a way, is like music. There is no shortage of it. But that doesn’t mean we should just stop where we are. There is so much possibility within the world of smell, especially when it comes to unexpected pairings."


    "There are many candle brands on display at Shoppe Object 2024, but I felt that the combination of scents was unique."

  • Vogue

    "Along with their offerings, Nilsen and Anderson are invested in nurturing and educating their growing community."

  • Magical Moments Podcast

    "The entire concept of The New Savant is fun, from the packaging that is recycled and made in the USA to the names and of course the scents. Each candle offers a different experience."

  • Perfect summer scents

    These summer candle scents will sweet you away.

  • Inside Retail

    "The New Savant stands out from legacy fragrance brands in a few key ways. In addition to leaning into sustainability — The New Savant prioritizes making scents for an often underserved audience."

  • City Chic

    "The Fragrance Foundation is making connections for all the right reasons."

  • Washington Post

    "On Instagram, you see lots of photos of laptops with a cup of coffee and candle behind them," says Ingrid Nilsen, co-founder of The New Savant.