A Summer of Splendor is in Your Future

If you could put a dreamy, sun-drenched vacation into a candle, *THIS* would be it.

WE ARE queer women-owned | self-funded | slow-made in Brooklyn, NY *

We create original fragrances that connect with you on a personal level.

Not your typical fragrances

Like a songwriter or a chef, our co-founder, Ingrid puts her own life experience into each one of our scents. What she offers is a distinct perspective: centering notes that are uncommon and have special significance to her – like steamed rice, desert air or dill. Through this approach, we’re creating a scent experience that is truly unique and delightfully unexpected.

Meet our Core Collection *
Meet our Core Collection *

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Ingrid and Erica together

Meet the Founders

Ingrid and Erica founded TNS in December 2020. They’ve spent their entire careers on the Internet and are making this next chapter all about creating analog joy through the often neglected sense of smell.

The Dropout, Androgyne, Heatwave Candles Group Shot

Ingrid Picks Your Scent

Answer one question and see which scent our co-founder, Ingrid, thinks is right for you.

The Dropout, Androgyne, Heatwave Candles Group Shot

Scent 101

Learn the basics of fragrance lingo and surprise your friends by sounding like a pro.

(*EricaΒ totallyΒ uses these tips*)

"Nilsen and Anderson are invested in nurturing and educating their growing community by decoding the olfactory experience in equal parts innovative and personal ways."