All of our candles are handmade in small batches by Ingrid + team in our Brooklyn, NY studio. You can always see when your candle was made and who poured it by looking at the batch sticker on your candle.


WAX + WICKS: We use soy blend wax and flat braided cotton wicks with a paper core that are made here in the U.S.


FRAGRANCES: We work with one of the top fragrance houses in the world to create custom-made scents you won't find anywhere else. These oils are made from a combination of essential oils and synthetic oils, go through rigorous commercial safety testing, are vegan and backed by science.


CONTAINERS: We use stainless steel vessels composed of 25% post-consumer waste + fully recyclable or reusable. 


SHIPPING BOXES + PACKAGING: All of our boxes and paper cushioning can be recycled/reused. You can also recycle our notecards. When packing orders, we try to use the least amount of shipping materials possible. We take a no-frills approach – you'll only find what's needed to keep your items secure during transit. This reduces packaging buildup on our end and yours.


There are several reasons for this:


SAFETY: There's a lot of misinformation around ingredients, and we don't subscribe to the notion that "natural is better" and "synthetics are bad." We follow the science, and according to science there are *both* synthetic and natural materials that can be safely be used in fragrance. Our fragrance oils are a combination of both synthetic and natural materials that are formulated specifically for candles and scented home goods. Additionally, all of our fragrances go through rigorous commercial safety testing and are backed by science. 


CREATIVITY: Natural oils have a very limited number of scent profiles. Synthetic ingredients allow for more possibilities and complex scent combinations. Basically, if you can imagine it, you can make it! This makes the creation process more fun and results in a more unique product. 


SCENT THROW: Our fragrance oils are not only custom-made for unique scents, they're also specifically formulated to work with our wax, giving a throw that's just right.


SUSTAINABILITY: Did you know it takes about three pounds of lavender to make just 0.5oz. of lavender essential oil? Imagine what would be needed to make the hundreds (sometimes thousands) of ounces used in candle making! Synthetic fragrance oils allow us to enjoy scents that we love (like lavender) but through a more controlled and sustainable manufacturing process. 


We love this question! Ingrid spent a lot of time testing different vessels, but stainless steel ended up being her favorite. Here's why:


SUSTAINABILITY: Our stainless steel vessels are made from 25% post-consumer waste and are fully recyclable/reusable. If you choose to recycle your container, all you have to do is clean it out and add it to your regular recycling bin for cans. Additionally, we love that stainless steel is infinitely recyclable – making it one of the most recycled materials on the planet.


DURABILITY: Our metal containers are lightweight and durable, which give us more peace of mind that your order will be secure during transit and it'll arrive at your doorstep free of damage.


LESS PACKAGING: Since metal containers are lighter and more durable than glass, we're able to use less packaging all-around to keep our candles secure in transit.


BUILT-IN SNUFFER: Each container comes with a lid that you can use to snuff out your candle. In our opinion, snuffing is better than blowing out a candle because it reduces smoke and prevents hot wax from accidentally going everywhere.



We know the fragrance you choose to bring into your home is deeply personal. Our candles are made to have a great scent throw that can easily fill up an average sized bedroom.


Our candles are made from a soy-blend wax, a vegan and paraben/phthalate free oil and go through rigorous testing for human safety. We work hard to ensure our candles adhere to high industry manufacturing standards. While we have not studied or tested the candles on animals, studies have shown that inhaling fragrances from candles that are safe for humans are also generally safe for animals. However, like humans, some animals may be more sensitive to fragrances than others. We understand that your animals are an important part of your family, so we suggest keeping the candles out of their reach so they cannot consume the waxes or oils or come into contact with the flame. If you have any specific questions related to animal safety regarding candles, please contact your veterinarian.


If you have a serious nut allergy and being in close contact with almonds or their oils could cause a reaction, we suggest you read the ingredient list prior to burning a candle or touching the wax. Generally, most of the oils we use do not contain the proteins that cause food allergies – including nut allergies. Additionally, fragrance names do not necessarily mean that the actual ingredient is used in creating the fragrance. We are unable to advise whether our almond-scented candles will cause a reaction for certain individuals. If you are concerned that the oils may cause an allergic reaction, we suggest that you select a candle without fragrances related to nuts – we have plenty of wonderful options!


Thank you for the question! As a small business we can't currently accommodate this, but we hope to in the future.