Everything You Need to Know about the Witching Hour + Hellbound Heart Drop

by Erica Perez

Witching Hour comes back this week and we’re launching it alongside a new scent, Hellbound Heart. Here’s everything you need to know about the spookiest scent drop of the season!

What’s Dropping:

Witching Hour AND Hellbound Heart are limited edition Fall/spooky season candles that will both be launching together. 

Witching Hour is a fan favorite (we see all the DMs we promise!) and bestseller and we’re so excited for its highly anticipated return. It was our fastest selling candle of 2022 –– so you won’t want to miss this drop. Witching Hour is sophisticated, fruity, and a little earthy. Picture the trendiest, chic-est witches you can imagine drinking the most delicious glass of wine under a full moon and THAT’S Witching Hour. With notes of dark plum, fresh persimmons, black truffle, and patchouli you’ll be ready to hop on a broomstick in no time. Umami, but make it spooky.  

Now for our newest scent, Hellbound Heart…it’s a MOOD 😈. This scent takes us head first into the dark, twisted world of break-ups, revenge, leaning into the negative feelings and ultimately, the healing that comes after.

This scent is ambery, woody, and fiery, something we’re really excited about because there’s nothing quite like it in our current TNS line up. With blood orange, wood, and bottled tears, we hope you’re ready to light those old love letters from your ex on fire.

And if you’ve been loving ALL of our fall drops, lucky you! We’re also dropping a Fall Limited Edition Bundle. This will include:

The Waitlist: 

See the scent profiles + sign up for both waitlists below:

The Drop: October 1, 2023 @ 12 AM ET

9/30 @ 11:45PM ET: Join us on IG LIVE (@thenewsavant) before midnight to celebrate the drop. You'll be able to ask us any last minute questions and just hang out before the big moment.

10/1  @ 12AM ET:  Our website will be closed to the public and early shopping will begin for our *text list only*. A text will be sent out to everyone on this list with the password to enter the site. This group will have the first hour of shopping to themselves, which means they'll have first pick of everything. You can join our text list by texting SAVANT to 855-749-2311.

10/1 @ 1AM ET:  Early shopping opens up to our email list. The password will be sent via email at this time. Early shopping will remain open to BOTH text and email lists for 23 hours and will end on 10/2 at 12AM ET. From here, our site will reopen to the public for everyone to shop. You can join our email list here.


Both of these scents are limited edition! It’ll only be around for this fall/winter season and after that it’s back into the candle vault. If you want to get your hands on it ASAP, the waitlist is key to shopping early so you don’t have to wait for a restock! 

Happy spooky season cozy fam! ❤️‍🔥

  • Erica Perez