Super Savant Q&A: @ellopudge

Super Savant Q&A: @ellopudge

by Erica Anderson

Hi, everyone!

Our name, THE NEW SAVANT, pays homage to the untraditional, self-made path in life. Unsurprisingly, the TNS community is made up of COUNTLESS creative, smart and savvy new savants.

To honor this, we're introducing TNS Super Savant Award! 🥇 🎉 💗

Our first TNS Super Savant is the west-coast based artist, ellopudge (she/her).

In honor of her delightful art, and Asian American Heritage Month, she designed a Limited-Edition (LE) Mixed Feelings label. Sales of the candle will be shared with her.

To help you get to know our TNS Super Savant, we asked her a few questions. Enjoy. 😊 

TNS: How did you start ellopudge?

EP: I started ellopudge while working at a dead end 9-5 job. I would draw comics and doodles on post-it notes and randomly decided to post one on instagram.

TNS: What is your inspiration for your artwork?

EP: Most of my comics come from relatable life happenings. I get very inspired when people tell me my doodles make them smile or feel heard.

TNS: How do you keep your creativity alive or replenish it?

EP: Visiting new places, creating different types of ellopudge content and not just sticking with the same format (i.e. reels, animations, etc...), taking breaks from social media, surrounding myself with other creatives.

TNS: Tell us about the art you did for the Mixed Feelings x ellopudge collab.

EP: I wanted to integrate my little character to the Mixed Feelings label without overpowering TNS' clean look. So a lil pudge here and there, her peeping over the logo and a color splash to add a bit of color tied our collaboration perfectly :)

TNS: What's your connection to The New Savant x Mixed Feelings? 

EP: As a Korean-American, this candle resonates with me the most. I had received a sample of this in one of my previous purchases and the way steamed rice is blended into the other notes literally makes my mouth water. It's a unique scent and makes me proud of my heritage!

TNS: If you could do one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be? 

EP: Create things that resonates with others.

TNS: Anything else? 

EP: I am so incredibly happy and thankful to have worked with TNS on this project. It's a special one. Not only did we create something cozy, but also something that represents the AAPI community. 

You can find ellopudge on Instagram here or visit her website here