The Rebrand

by Ingrid Nilsen

Hi Everyone! 

Ingrid here. Co-founder of THE NEW SAVANT. Earlier this year, Erica and I decided to give our brand a little update. Sure, we only just launched (in December!) but we never expected for it to take off like it has. So, we spent the summer on this project, and we are so excited to finally reveal everything we’ve been working on!! 

• As many of you know, we went through an entire rebrand to help elevate TNS and take it to the next level. You’ll see this in every detail from our product labels, to our photography, to our new custom matchbooks and even our shipping tape!

. We have completely revamped our website to make it feel beautiful, fun, and personal. Since we don’t have an IRL store, our online store is our hub and we want you to feel like you can sit back with a cup of coffee and leisurely look around. 😊

• We have 3 totally new scents that are part of our Core Collection - not only are they AMAZING but they’re also completely custom made for us, which means you won’t find these fragrances anywhere else! You can currently pre-order these candles RIGHT NOW on our site!

• All of this came together with the guidance and expertise of Laynie from @mintlanestudio. Erica and I have worked with many people in tech and design over the years and we both agree that Laynie is an absolute super star. She guided us through every step, from brand strategy to building out our website and taking all the beautiful photos you’ve seen recently. But I think the thing that stands out the most with Laynie is that she genuinely cares. Even though she has other clients, she somehow makes you feel like you’re the only one in the BEST way. It’s clear that she just wants her clients to succeed and it shines through in every aspect of her work and communication. Laynie, you are an absolute talent. THANK YOU for taking us *beyond* our dreams into a space of pure magic 💖