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    Kimberly Candle

    nostalgic + youthful + uplifting

    Rainbow Cereal, Matcha Latte, Candied Citrus
    Jasmine Petals, Crisp Green Grass
    White Sesame Seeds, Vanilla Milk, Caramel Brittle

    Our newest scent, Kimberly, was inspired by co-founder Ingrid’s childhood. Here, in her own words, she shares the story of one of her most personal creations to date.


    Growing up as a mixed-race girl, I found myself envious of “Kimberly”— the blonde, blue-eyed girl who just seemed to have a much smoother time moving through the world. Kimberly’s girlhood was cherished, protected, and celebrated. She was put on a pedestal.


    Kimberly is no one particular person, which is why I deliberately chose this name. It’s one of the most popular names for girls born in the 80s and 90s, but I don’t actually know any Kimberlys. I felt a familiarity with it (Power Rangers, anyone?), but also the ability to use it as a blank canvas for the story ready to unfold.


    So how does this connect with the fragrance? Many of my clearest childhood frustrations around my identity revolve around food, and scent is the most natural vehicle for me to explore these feelings.


    The feeling of wanting all the sugary cereals on Saturday mornings, but going to dim sum instead. The feeling of wanting soda, but my first exposure to caffeine being jasmine and green teas. The feeling of having grass stained clothes instead of bows in my hair.


    My desire to be accepted into this mold of white American culture largely began with food. I couldn’t change my skin, my eye color or my heritage, but food felt like something within reach. I could change what I ate and maybe have just a small taste of what it was like to be Kimberly. I remember thinking, “Please, can I just be a blonde white girl named Kimberly?” Even writing that now as a 35 year old woman touches a tender place in my heart.


    Earlier this year, I was walking down Alberta Street in Portland, OR drinking a jasmine matcha from a coffee shop called Case Study. When I took my first sip, the idea for Kimberly completely solidified all at once. I tasted the slight grassiness from the matcha, a hint of floral and then, to my surprise, this sweetness that reminded me of fruity cereal.


    It felt like all these elements of my past and present coming together in a single moment. I knew I had to translate what I was tasting into a scent.


    To create an accurate portrayal of matcha, we used not only a matcha accord, but green grass and sesame seeds to round it out and enhance the grassy, somewhat umami quality of real matcha. Jasmine petals bring a subtle floral aspect, while rainbow cereal and vanilla milk lend a unique sweetness to the overall scent. What we’re left with is a gourmand/floral that’s layered, nuanced and uplifting.


    Fragrance is complex and so is being human. Creating Kimberly is a way for me to process those painful emotions from my past and transform them into something beautiful. I named this scent Kimberly precisely because she is for those of us who are not Kimberly. If that resonates with you in some way, I hope she finds her way to you.


    Through creating this fragrance, I’ve felt even more certain than ever that I’m not here to fit a mold – I’m here to break it. I’ll never be Kimberly... and I’m finally okay with that.  –Ingrid

    • Net Weight: 7oz. / 200g | Big Boi: 14oz. / 400g
    • Burn time: up to 50 hours | Big Boi: up to 100 hours
    • American made soy wax blend + cotton wicks
    • Custom fragrance oils made with synthetic + natural materials
    • Vegan + cruelty-free

    Ingrid's Pairing Suggestions

    🌸Kimberly + Mixed Feelings smells like sipping a matcha surrounded by jasmine flowers

    🍵Kimberly + Cloud Gazer smells like a tea lovers dream come true!



    A matcha latte made with cereal milk, a touch of jasmine, grass stained clothes instead of bows, knowing you're different and that's your superpower