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Mystery Candle

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The same TNS candles you know and love... just with some imperfections. Since all of our candles are handmade, sometimes flaws arise and we can't sell them at full price. By purchasing an imperfect candle, you get to enjoy our unique fragrances at a discount while also helping us reduce waste and make room in our studio for more inventory. All of these candles are fully functional and safe to burn – the imperfections are purely aesthetic. Things like: noticeable dents, smudges, labels with wrinkles, upside-down labels, scuffed vessels, etc. Mystery candles include scents from both our core collection and limited edition releases. Just pick your candle size (7oz. or 14oz.) and take the plunge – we can't wait to surprise you!


PLEASE NOTE: We can't accommodate requests, substitutions, or returns for mystery candles. All sales are final.


• Net Weight: 7oz. / 200g  | 14oz. / 400g
• Burn time: up to 50 hours | up to 100 for 14oz.
• American made soy wax blend + cotton wicks
• Custom fragrance oils made with synthetic + natural materials
• Stainless steel container made from 25% post-consumer content
• Vegan + cruelty-free
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Mom N.
United States United States

Best Mystery

Love every candles, but I have my favorites few

United States United States

Cryin in the club

I love a surprise. LOVE. So I treated myself to four mystery candles, and I have no idea if y’all took my order history into account or chose at random, but my jaw kept dropping whenever I opened up those little paper wrappings! Dreamgirl, Duvet Day, and Cloud Gazer are my daily go-to scents!!! And I got a Hellbound Heart which I’ve had a sample of before and been so into for cozy reading nights with fireplace ambience on my tv. I’m shook and I’m convinced y’all love me as much as I love you and your candles.

Danielle M.
United States United States

Love my candles!

I mean who doesn’t love a good candle surprise?? New Savant definitely has high standards when it comes to their candles. I could barely tell what the issue was with the ones I received! Very happy with my purchase.

Colee W.
United States United States

Great deal!

I love all of New Savant’s scents, so I don’t mind taking any chances on which candles I receive. You might get doubles/similar scent families together in the roulette, or seasonal candles. I got Girl in a Sweater, Only in New York, California Christmas, Witching Hour, and Harvest Table. Still lovely!

Risha D.
United States United States


I ordered three Mystery Candles and was sent Heatwave, The Usual, and Duvet Day. I was really excited to try out this brand and I wish I could say I was happy with these scents, but I’m a little disappointed. Heatwave baffles me. I was expecting something that smelled fresh, natural, and herbaceous from a cucumber/dill/and peach candle; but the scent is surprisingly sharp and synthetic. I can’t pick out any of the listed notes. Not at all what I expected. The Usual smelled exactly like Carnation-brand powdered coco mix for the first few burns, and has finally started to reveal some coffee notes. It’s fun, but lacks complexity and depth, and feels a little cheap. Duvet Day is the most well executed of the three I received. It’s soft and powdery, and evokes the scent of clean laundry/dryer sheets perfectly. All the notes are present. Unfortunately, this isn’t a scent profile I enjoy in candles. Bad luck. On a lighter note, the packaging was cute. The metal tins had only slight dents, despite being labeled as seconds, which was nice. But aesthetics aren’t what really matter to me when it comes to candles. I want good scents. A pretty underwhelming experience overall.