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We are so glad you’re here. Also, we are nostalgic for the days of punch cards and freebies, so we’ve come up with a few ways to bring some give-backs into our biz

Punch card

For every 10 purchases you make, you receive a free 7oz candle of your choice!  The code will be sent to you via email, so keep a lookout.

The Dropout, Androgyne, Heatwave Candles Group Shot

Refer friends and earn store credits

Gift your friends $10 OFF their first THE NEW SAVANT purchase and earn $10 in store credit for each sale


    1. Your profile is a personalized landing page with your favorite candles. You’ll have a unique URL to share with pals, who can shop directly from this page. 
    2. Your friends will get 15% OFF their first purchase and you’ll earn store credit for each sale.
    3. You can use your reward balance to restock your candle collection - single candles or bundles.
  • Yes! $39, which is the price of our standard size, 7oz candle. 

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