Checkin' In: Scent Design, Holiday Prep + Survey

by Erica Anderson

Hello, everyone! 👋🏽

It’s official, summer is here and I’m so ready for it. The trees in Brooklyn are lush, the daylight keeps until 8pm and every weekend the smell of barbecue emanates from the park. With this new summer energy, I want to write and share what’s going on with us – from creating new scents, to collaborating with makers, to celebrating you

First update is where the magic happens: scent design. Ingrid has been heads-down designing new scents for the fall and winter. As part of the research, she took me on a culinary journey to taste traditional Southeast Asian flavors. I loved it and really admire her commitment to the creative process –– which is very personal, quiet and steady. I wish I could tell you all about what’s coming, but for now I’ll just say I am full of heartfelt anticipation. As with our best sellers Mixed Feelings, California Christmas and Cloud Gazer, she has fresh ideas and strong instincts. I’m excited to see what she brings to us next. 

As for me, my priority is to prepare for fall –– which starts with bringing in all the materials we’ll need. We’re using a new vessel with a better fitting lid/snuffer, improving the colors on our labels and bringing on a few more hands to help with production. I’m personally embracing the day-to-day of social and email. Most of all, I’m thinking about even more ways to bring our mission to life –– which is to  be more present in an increasingly digitized world, starting with a deeper connection to our sense of smell.

Over in our shop for you, right now, we have two Limited Edition candles –– Cloud Gazer and Summer Splendor. It already seems like Cloud Gazer will be a contender for a permanent spot in the Core Collection… but I’m not counting Summer Splendor out. (It is my favorite!)

Finally, if you’re in the mood for a Pride treat, check out the Limited Edition clutch Ingrid designed with Julie Mollo. We met Julie in the Brooklyn maker scene and this is our second collaboration with her. This bag fits an iPhone, wallet, keys and all the other necessities you need. Ingrid uses hers daily and

Since we started TNS in Ingrid's kitchen, I have been immersed in founder life. I’ve come to feel that entrepreneurship is one of the greatest journeys I’ve had the privilege of taking. This would not be possible without all of you – so thank you for believing in us, loving our products and bringing joy to one another in the TNS community. 


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