Everything You Need to Know About the Harvest Table Drop

Everything You Need to Know About the Harvest Table Drop

by Ingrid Nilsen

Alright friends, it's time to plan your purchases and get your alarms set! Here's all the info you need to be prepared for launch day. 🚀


This is our first limited edition candle for fall 2022 and it's really, really good. You can see the full fragrance profile + sign up for the waitlist here. This scent will be available in both 7oz. and 14oz. sizes while supplies last.


11:45am EDT: Join us on IG LIVE (@thenewsavant) to celebrate the drop! This is also a great time to ask us any last minute Qs.

12pm EDT:  Our website will be closed to the public and early shopping will begin for our *text list only*. A text will be sent out to everyone on this list with the password to enter the site. This group will have the first hour of shopping to themselves, which means they'll have first pick of everything on our site! You can join our text list by texting SAVANT to 855-749-2311.

1pm EDT:  Early shopping opens up to our email list. The password will be sent via email at this time. Early shopping will remain open to BOTH text and email lists for 23 hours and will end on 9/2 at 12pm EDT. From here, our site will reopen to the public for everyone to shop.


We'll be sneaking free samples of our *OCTOBER SCENT* into early shopping orders while supplies last. These samples are on a first come, first served basis and we have limited quantities available, so the earlier you place an order, the more likely you are to get a spooky sample! 👻