Inside our Candle Studio

Inside our Candle Studio

by Erica Anderson

Hey everyone, Erica here. It's so good to write. Throughout my career, I've always loved blogging and yet it so easily slips the bottom of my to-to list. Well, not today!

Last week, we hosted Linda Levy, President of the Fragrance Foundation, at our candle studio in Brooklyn. She was super excited – as you'll see – to learn more about The New Savant and pour her first candle. It was an honor to host her and facilitate that candle-making process. It brought all of us so much joy. 

We recorded the full in-the-studio experience, with Linda and Ingrid, for our Instagram account. If you have wondered how we make our small-batch candles, what goes into the scent design process or why we consider ourselves New Savants, this video will help. Plus, it hopefully will bring you some smiles and laughs.